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Employment-Based Immigration Petitions

Non-immigrant employment visas allow an individual to temporarily work in the United States.  An immigrant petition is required to permanently stay.  We work with small and large employers to help them fulfill their employment needs.

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Family-Based Immigration Petitions

Protecting and uniting families is near and dear to our heart.  We can help you assess your needs and analyze your case to determine the best family-based option for you.     

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Removal Defense

When facing deportation, you do not have the right to counsel.  Having legal representation can vastly improve your chance of success.  Trust in us to help you understand your options so that we can work to keep you from being separated from your family.

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Naturalization often signifies the end of a long journey for many immigrants, including the end of applying for a visa to enter the United States, extending one’s status, and/or being subject to U.S. immigration laws.  It also offers many benefits such as the ability to vote, qualify for public benefits, and obtain a U.S. passport.

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Miscellaneous Immigration Options

Other immigration options to help you enter or remain in the United States.

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